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I was delighted to be interviewed recently by Avery.  Here is the interview:


Meet the maker – Fizzy Fuzzy -

bath bombs, soaps and candles


Sometimes when you see a label coming off the printer at Avery WePrint

you feel intrigued to find out more about a business. It could be a logo that

catches your eye, perhaps a clever strapline or even the name of the business. When we saw the name Fizzy

Fuzzy on a recent batch of labels, we just couldn’t resist catching up with business owner, Vicki Kajtar to

discover what they would be used for.


Tell us more about your business.

When I had my children, I wanted a job that enabled me to work around them, but I wasn’t sure what role that would be. With having two little girls, bath bombs have always been a popular item in our household. A few years ago, my eldest received a bath bomb making kit as a party gift and whilst we had loads of fun making them together the results were pretty poor. We decided to have a go at making our own and the fun began.

My university and work background is in food science, so I understood the principle of how to create them and I was keen to look at the different ingredients we could use to make a wide variety of bath bombs. My children loved making them with me and it felt very rewarding that I had found something we could do together. I hadn’t set out to create a business in making bath bombs but very quickly found I was getting more and more requests for them.

We love the business name, where did it come from?

It was my little girl who came up with the idea. Once it became a little more serious, I told the girls we would need to decide what to call our business. My daughter said it needed to include the word “fizzy” as that’s what bath bombs do and then she shouted out “Fizzy Fuzzy.” We all loved the name and that was the start of our new brand.

How have you developed the business?

I wanted a few other products I could sell alongside my bath bombs and started researching the process for making handmade soap followed by soy wax candles. This meant I was able to start selling complete gift sets and these proved popular. I began by selling them online on Amazon and Etsy and on my website and now sell in local shops too. The business is growing constantly which makes me feel very proud.

What do you love most about running your own business?

I love the science behind making these products and enjoy being creative so it’s the perfect fit for me. Knowing I can make my products around school life means I get to enjoy lots of quality time with my girls too. However, I’ve had to learn a lot very quickly. When you start selling products like this, it’s important to have everything you do safety assessed. I am a member of the Guild of Craft Soap and Toiletry Makers who give quality assurances that all processes have been followed properly and legally.

The girls absolutely love using our own products at bath time and because I understand how they were made I know they are only using safe products on their skin.

What are your most popular products?

During the build-up to Christmas the most popular products are our Gin & Tonic and Prosecco & Clementine bath bombs. Our lavender bath bomb is also really popular as it’s so relaxing and smells absolutely gorgeous.

How did you create your branding?

I’ve done everything myself including designing the overall branding, setting up the online shops and building our website. Whilst I do promote the business on social media most of the sales have been organic growth.


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